the awakened wave

enlightenment for a wave is when the wave realizes it is the ocean.
((thich nhat hanh))

Melissa Wozniak| Reiki | Prana Vidya | Breathwork |
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Energy Alchemy

There is a force in you that can move mountains.It is the substance of tides. Of galaxies. Of microcosmic electrical storms that fire up your cells.The power to heal is carried in your conscious awareness and the movement of your breath.Lifetimes have passed in the search for it, in a person or a potion that holds the answer. But it’s been there, in there, all along.Collectively we are calling back our power. The power that has been given to experts and governments, healers and rulers, spiritual authorities and people who have a string of letters behind their name. And in the rubble of these toppled beliefs built on limitation, there is a quiet knowing of the truth — that we are whole, complete, and sovereign beings in a universe of abundance.When that shift happens inside, it changes the external circumstances. Sickness and scarcity cannot exist in the light of the truth.I found light by walking through darkness. It was a journey that led me to Africa, India, and Southeast Asia, to energy work and yoga asana, to ancient texts and modern metaphysics. I completed my yoga teacher training and third degree of Reiki in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage, but still life felt precarious, like I was a ship in the path of a rogue wave. In the depths of 2020, when there was nowhere outside of myself to go, I realized:The only thing in this world we have control over is our mind.The only thing we control is our mind.Changing my thoughts changed reality. When that happened, the symbols used in Reiki revealed themselves to be signposts to remembering the truth of wholeness rather than a way of influencing energy. Watching the breath in meditation evolved into consciously working with it, a practice known in yoga as pranayama and in the West as transformational breathwork. The biggest ally in directing our personal life force is the breath and the intention behind it — the things we have at all times, no matter what’s happening.My mission is to empower autonomy. To share the tools that build an unshakable inner foundation in an increasingly volatile outer world.I work with individuals one-on-one to meet them where they are on their path. My offerings include intuitively guided sessions rooted in Reiki and Prana Vidya (the yogic tradition of healing), energy work combined with breathwork, counseling, and prescriptive pranayama and meditation practices to bring into daily life.I work with individuals who are intent on change. Committed to growth. Awakening to the truth that there is much more to this life than what appears in external form.I am here to walk with you.I believe in you.There is no separation in this ocean of existence. I am because we are.Thank you for being who you are. <3

Drop me a line if you'd like to work together. I'm based in Brooklyn, New York, and am available for both in-person and distance sessions.But first, do this: Take a breath. Imagine having what you think you lack. Feel it. Hold on to that feeling. Know that it already exists as the conditions assemble for it to take form.Winter 2024 special: I am offering a series of powerful distance sessions from India’s sacred sites while I am on sabbatical.

Gratitude to my teachers: Sri Dharma Mittra, Yogi Charu, Kari DeLuca, Dana Trixie Flynn, Mittra Rawat, Judith Kravitz, Ajahn Joe Khumlee, Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam, Baba Ram Dass, the team at Radiantly Alive, and many more.